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Google recaptcha for customer login

Minimize abusive bot traffic on your online store by enabling Google recaptcha for customer login, account, and password pages.

Learn more about enabling or disabling recaptcha from the Shopify Help Center.

Express V1.11.0

Version 1.11.0 of Express is now available on the Shopify Theme Store.

Version 1.11.0 introduces the following features:

  • New Banner section: Create visual impact in your store and highlight your brand. You can also use the new banner section to advertise a promotion, or feature a product or collection.
  • New multi-column section: Add up to four columns of content in a single section on your home page.
  • Pickup availability: Show customers whether a product in your online store is available for local pickup on your product pages.
  • New collection display settings: Display a collection's image and description in your featured collections sections and your collection pages.
  • New style settings: Pick between sharp and rounded edge styles for elements such as buttons, badges and cards.
  • New announcement bar settings: Add a URL to the announcement bar in your header.

Learn more about these features in the Express theme manual.

Express version 1.11.0 is now available in the Shopify Theme Store. All merchants who are currently using Express and are eligible for an upgrade will be upgraded over the week of March 1.

More bulk order actions added to the Shopify mobile app

Order management on mobile lets you process orders from the palm of your hand as you pick, pack and prepare orders for delivery. We've added four more bulk order actions to the mobile experience, so that you can fulfill orders more efficiently.

You can now use the following bulk order actions:
* print packing slips
* add tags
* remove tags
* take an action with a Shopify app

Learn more about bulk actions from the Shopify Help Center.

Embed Vimeo videos on product pages

You can now add Vimeo-hosted videos to your products, giving you more options for displaying media on product pages. Using product media lets your customers see what your products look like and gives them a better idea of how they appear in real life.

Learn more about adding product media in the Shopify Help Center.

Organization names in Shopify organization admin URLs

We’ve updated the Shopify.Plus URL to a more meaningful format, making the URL easier to remember and share.

The new URL replaces the segment that contains the organization ID with a string generated from the organization’s name. The previous URL containing organization ID will redirect to the new URL format.

Learn more about the Shopify organization admin from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Flow adds support for liquid filters url_encode and json in HTTP actions

To ensure your HTTP requests are as secure as possible, we’ve added two liquid filters to be used in an HTTP action:

  • You can now use | url_encode to any liquid variables in the path section of the HTTP action URL configuration field. The web server that receives the request must support decoding urls.
  • Add either | url_encode or | json to each template variable that is used in the body section of the HTTP action body configuration field. The web server that receives the request must support decoding URLs or JSON decoding.

Learn more about using these filters to improve your HTTP request security and find examples from the Shopify Help Center.

Browsing and buying on Shop

Buyers browsing your products from the Shop app now enjoy an enhanced in-app experience thanks to more fully featured product pages in Shop. Additionally, a new Buy now button on products listed in Shop can reduce friction for buyers and potentially drive repeat purchases from your store. The new experience is available for buyers in the US, Canada, UK and Australia on select stores.

Learn more about your products in Shop from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Scripts x Subscription Apps

You can now use Subscription Apps on Shopify Plus stores that utilize Shopify Scripts.

Learn more about Shopify Scripts from the Shopify Help Center.

Simplified tax registrations for Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Norway

Keeping your tax rates up to date and knowing how much tax to charge on sales can be time consuming, so we've streamlined the experience to make it faster and easier.

When you add information in your store's tax settings about your registrations in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, or Norway, the tax rates that apply in the areas that you have registered for are automatically set - no more manually updating rates, no more deciding what rates to set based on your sales tax liability!

Learn more about setting up location-based taxes for your store from the Shopify Help Center.

Offer automatic discounts at point of sale with POS Pro

Offer customers a consistent shopping experience, and bring speed and accuracy to your in-store checkout with automatic discounts, now available on Shopify POS with a POS Pro subscription.

For stores using POS Pro, you can offer automatic percentage, fixed amount, or buy X get Y discounts to retail customers by selecting Also offer on Point of Sale. When you select the option to share the automatic discount, it's available to all Pro retail locations.

Learn more about setting up automatic discounts for POS from the Shopify Help Center.

Create orders directly from the customer page

You can now pre-fill a draft order with the customer's address and contact information directly from the customer page. This makes creating orders for repeat customers even simpler.

Learn more about creating orders for customers from the Shopify Help Center.

New Shopify Flow trigger for subscriptions!

We’ve added a new trigger to Shopify Flow for when subscription contracts are created. The new trigger starts when a customer buys a subscription-based product.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

Access detailed insights into retail store performance with enhanced POS analytics

POS analytics, available as a part of POS Pro, now include the following new reports to help you better understand store performance over time:

  • Product report to see top selling products (by net sales or units sold) over time
  • Product type report to see top selling product types (by net sales or units sold) over time
  • Staff report to see top-performing staff by net sales over time
  • Payments report to see net sales by payment type over time
  • Gift cards report to see net sales by gift card over time

Learn more about Shopify POS analytics in the Shopify Help Center.

Upgrade your customized checkout

Stores with checkout.liquid enabled can now upgrade to a new version of Shopify Checkout, unlocking powerful new checkout features—like subscription apps and local pickup—while keeping their checkout.liquid customizations intact.

All checkout upgrades need to be completed by February 26, 2021. Stores that don’t complete the upgrade within the checkout upgrade window (January 25, 2021 to February 26, 2021) will be upgraded automatically, which might cause some customizations to break.

Find instructions for the checkout upgrade process in the Shopify help center.

Only stores with checkout.liquid enabled need to perform the upgrade.

Make shipping speeds available to your customers at checkout

Communicating shipping speeds at checkout to your customers can help improve cart conversion, and provide clarity and transparency so that your customers are more confident making purchases because they know when their packages will arrive.

When you add shipping speeds to your shipping rates in Shipping and Delivery Settings, your customers will see a range of days at checkout that will reflect the estimated transit time of their purchase. This will be automatically estimated without you having to do any manual calculations!

Learn about adding shipping speeds to your shipping rates from the Shopify Help Center.

Local delivery now supports cross-state deliveries, multiple zones, and customized pricing conditions

We’ve recently updated local delivery to give you more flexible options when it comes to setting your delivery zones and creating your pricing conditions.

Local-delivery now supports cross-states (or cross-regions). By default, local deliveries are restricted to the location state/region. Now, you can configure local delivery based on distance, so that you can enable this service for adjacent states and regions.

Multiple delivery zones are also now available for local delivery. You can create up to five delivery zones, allowing you to reach a wider base of local delivery customers. These zones can be created either using select postal codes or a delivery radius. Additionally, you can create one or more custom pricing conditions within each zone based on order value or delivery distance. The buyer will see the cheapest delivery fee that is relevant to them at checkout based on their location and cart price.

Learn more about local delivery from the Shopify Help Center.

Express: V1.10.0

Version 1.10.0 of Express is now available on the Shopify Theme Store.

This update introduces a new page section for the home page. The new section enables you to feature content from a page, like your About Us or Contact page, directly on the homepage.

This feature only surfaces the content that was added by using the rich text editor for that page.

A mass upgrade is planned to go out in a few days for stores using Express that can be automatically updated.

To learn more about the page section, visit the Shopify Help Center.

Fulfill orders more efficiently with the Shopify mobile app

Order management on mobile lets you process orders from the palm of your hand as you pick, pack and prepare orders for delivery. Now available is the ability to use bulk actions for order and fulfillment tasks, so that you can bring more flexibility and speed to your fulfillment process and get products to customers faster.

Bulk order actions on mobile include:

  • Mark as fulfilled
  • Capture payment
  • Archive products
  • Unarchive products
  • Create shipping labels (US, Canada, and Australia only)

Learn more about bulk actions in order fulfillment from the Shopify Help Center.

New Shopify Flow trigger for product statuses!

With the recent release of product statuses we've added a new trigger "Product status updated". Use this trigger to build automated workflows that begin when a product’s status changes to another state including draft, active, and archived.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

Create a SCAN form with the Shipping Manifests app

You can now to create and print USPS SCAN forms using the Shipping Manifests app. With a SCAN form, multiple USPS shipping labels can be linked under a single barcode, making package drop-off or pickup quick and safe.

Learn more about Shipping Manifests from the Shopify Help Center.

New performant font options for themes

We’ve released a new font picker for the theme editor. The new font picker lets you choose system fonts for elements in your theme. Using system fonts in your theme avoids downloading extra resources to your customer’s computer, which can decrease the time your store takes to load.

Learn more about how fonts can improve performance in the Shopify Help Center.

Discover and Diners Club cards accepted for Shopify Payments in Canada

For stores using Shopify Payments in Canada, Diners Club and Discover card payments are now accepted credit cards.

Learn more about Shopify Payments from the Shopify Help Center.

Manage your products with statuses

Product statuses help you manage and organize products as you're getting ready to sell them, or retiring the ones you no longer sell.

Use the draft product status to work on products at your own pace until you're ready to make them available. Once you've got all of the details down, set the product status as active, so your products can be made available to customers through selected sales channels and apps. Use archive for products that you no longer sell to keep your product lists organized and free from clutter without losing the information for these products.

Learn more about product status from the Shopify Help Center.

Checkout upgrade for Plus shops using checkout.liquid

The next checkout upgrade will take place between January 25, 2021 to February 26, 2021.

On the Shopify Plus plan, you get exclusive access to the checkout.liquid file, enabling you to make flexible customizations to Shopify Checkout. However, you need to upgrade Shopify Checkout periodically in order to unlock new features while ensuring your checkout.liquid customizations remain in-tact.

Only shops with checkout.liquid enabled need to perform the upgrade.

Learn more about the checkout upgrade process and view a full list of the new Shopify Checkout features in the Shopify Help Center.

Changes to collection of VAT for orders to the United Kingdom

As of January 1, 2021 (GMT), the following changes apply to the movement of goods to and from the United Kingdom:

  • Merchants shipping goods located outside of the UK at the point of sale into the UK are now required to collect and remit VAT on orders not exceeding £135 in value. Merchants who have an active tax registration for the UK in Shopify will now automatically collect VAT on all orders not exceeding £135. Orders over £135 will continue to exclude all taxes.
  • VAT will no longer be automatically applied on orders shipped between the UK and European Union countries (and vice versa) if there is no tax registration added.

Learn more about this change and other changes related to Brexit in the Shopify Help Center.

Store session and conversion rate KPI's in Overview analytics

To help you understand better the health of your business, we're introducing additional key performance indicator store metrics in the Overview analytics for Plus stores. If you have multiple stores, then you can see an overview of key metrics for all your stores in one central place.

Learn more about Overview analytics from the Shopify Help Center.

Merchants can now configure country specific tax inclusive pricing

Merchants with prices inclusive of tax can now charge the correct price at checkout based on their tax obligations when shipping to buyers in different countries.

screenshot of the Include or exclude tax based on your customer's country setting

This is particularly useful for merchants who ship to different countries and have their shop configured to use tax inclusive pricing, who want to see prices at checkout correctly reflect the VAT/tax rate of their buyers.

Learn more about the change and how to enable it on the Shopify Help Centre.

Accept Interac Chip & PIN at Canadian retail stores

Interac Chip & PIN can now be accepted by to Canadian stores using Shopify’s Tap & Chip Reader with Shopify POS.

You can now accept Interac payments for all transactions, regardless of dollar amount or tap limits, and at a cost of only $0.10 per transaction.

Learn more about the Tap & Chip Reader and Interac from the Shopify Help Center.

Daily Sales tiles offer more time-based views for the POS Daily Sales report

New Daily Sales tiles at the top of the POS Daily Sales report, available through POS Pro, make it easier to see whether your store is on pace to meet or exceed your sales targets.

You can now track each retail location's performance over time with new time-based views (Today, Yesterday, Week to Date, Month to Date, Quarter to Date, and Year to Date) for top-level metrics like Net sales, Average order value, and Items per order.

Learn more about the POS Daily Sales report and Daily Sales tiles in the Shopify Help Center.

Watch BFCM 2020 in real-time with Live Map

Watch BFCM 2020 unfold in real-time with the BFCM Live Map. This year, the Live Map was completely rebuilt with a few major improvements to reflect the scale and shared success of more than 1 million independent businesses powered by Shopify.

Explore the Live Map to watch key milestones such as:

View the BFCM Live Map

Watch your store activity come to life in real time with Live View

We’ve improved the Live View to provide an immersive real time look at activity across your store so you can stay up to date on your store’s performance. No matter where you are, or when you need it, Live View will give you a visualization of key metrics so you can tailor your customer experience to be more efficient and enjoyable for BFCM and beyond.

Learn more about Live View from the Shopify Help Center or explore Live View in your Shopify Admin.

Carbon-neutral BFCM shopping

This year, Shopify is paying to offset all carbon emissions from the delivery of every single order placed on our platform during the BFCM weekend. No matter how many packages you ship or how far they're going—we'll offset the carbon emissions of each shipment at no cost to you.

This initiative ends after BFCM, but we are committed to sustainability year-round. Shopify always offsets the carbon emissions of all orders made with Shop Pay. You can also download the Offset app and opt-in to offset carbon emissions for all deliveries from your Shopify store.

Learn more about how and why we're offsetting shipping emissions this BFCM from the Shopify Blog.

Learn more about Offset from the Shopify Help Center, and carbon offsets for orders placed through Shop Pay from Shop Help.

Product recommendations for POS Pro

Shopify-powered product recommendations in POS, now available through the POS Pro subscription, make it easy to leverage insights from your online store to optimize your in-store selling.

When products are added to the cart, use the instant suggestions are available in POS for items that your online customers commonly purchase together, so you can make smarter cross-sell recommendations in-store to increase order sizes and sales.

Learn more about product recommendations for POS from the Shopify Help Center.

More actions and triggers extending what Shopify Flow can do for you!

We’ve added even more actions and triggers to Flow allowing you to automate even more tasks!

New triggers:

New actions:

Metafields in Shopify Flow

Learn more about Shopify Flow triggers in the Shopify Help Center.

New post-purchase upsell app collection available

We’ve introduced a new collection of post-purchase upsell apps in the Shopify App Store. Post-purchase upsells can boost average order value by presenting one-click offers to customers in Shopify checkout after payment is confirmed, without interrupting the customer experience.

Learn more about post-purchase upsells from the Shopify Help Center.

New subscription app collection available

We’ve introduced a new collection of subscription apps for your Shopify checkout in the Shopify App Store. These are the first apps built directly for Shopify checkout, which means they offer a smooth shopping experience for your customers and a better management experience for you.

Subscriptions can add predictable recurring revenue to your existing business, and by using apps that are built for Shopify, you can ensure that subscriptions are fully integrated with the rest of your business in Shopify. To use subscriptions, you must be using Shopify Payments as your primary payment gateway.

Learn more about subscriptions from the Shopify Help Center.

Fixed amount discounts now use manual FX rates when selling in multiple currencies

When selling in multiple currencies using Shopify Payments, fixed discount amounts are now converted from your shop currency into the buyer's currency according to the pricing rule you have set up for that currency; either manual or automatic FX rates.

Previously, all fixed discount amounts were converted using a live FX rate at checkout, even if you had a manual FX rate setup. This change ensures that the experience of getting a fixed discount is consistent across multiple buyer currencies at checkout.

You can read more about this in our help centre.

Shopify Ping is now available on desktop

Shopify Ping is a free messaging solution that lets you manage all of your customer and team conversations from one place. Previously only on mobile devices, Shopify Ping is now available for desktop at

With Shopify Ping now available on desktop, you can more easily:

  • Reply to customer conversations and help them make purchases with confidence
  • Collaborate with your team to deliver improved shopping experiences through chat
  • Integrate chat into your business workflows

Learn more about Shopify Ping on desktop from the Shopify Help Center.

Show whether products are available for local pickup right from the product page

Pickup availability complements the local pickup option at checkout to turn proximity into your most powerful selling feature.

Increase online order conversions by letting shoppers know when the items that they’re browsing are in stock and available for pickup at your nearby store locations directly from the product page on your online store.

Pickup availability for the product page is available for online stores using the latest version of the select themes. Learn more about showing pickup availability to your customers in the Shopify Help Center.

Manage returns directly in Shopify

The product return process is an essential part of the customer experience. That's why you can now manage returns directly from the Orders page in Shopify, so you can fulfill, edit, refund, or return an order from one central location.

Follow a simple step-by-step workflow to create and manage the return process, including the following tasks:

  • Create a return request
  • Identify the reason for the return
  • Set up and track the shipping details
  • Communicate the instructions for the return to the customer in an email
  • Restock the inventory to your store
  • Issue the refund to the customer

Learn more about product returns from the Shopify Help Center.

Manage deferred payments seamlessly in Shopify

Place or fulfill an order and collect payment at a later date more easily by managing deferred payments in Shopify.

With deferred payments, you can:

  • Collect payment on any unpaid order directly in Shopify, to accommodate flexible payment agreements that enable your customers to purchase products and pay at a later date
  • Easily follow up or resend an invoice on any unpaid orders
  • Send invoices or charge credit cards directly for orders that have been edited, at any time

Learn more about deferred payments from the Shopify Help Center.

Print packing slips in bulk from the orders list

Speed up your fulfillment workflow by printing packing slips in bulk from the Orders page.

Select multiple orders from the orders list and then click Print packing slips under the More actions menu. Packing slips are created for each selected fulfillment.

Learn more about packing slips from the Shopify Help Center.

Apply bulk discount settings in Shopify Launchpad

We’ve made creating discount events in Shopify Launchpad easier!
After adding collections or products to your Launchpad event, apply bulk discount settings to these items at the same time. Three bulk discount settings are available:

  • Percentage: Apply a discount percentage to selected collections and products
  • New unit price: Set a new price for all of the selected products
  • Fixed amount: Reduce the price of selected products by a fixed amount

Applying new bulk settings overwrites existing discounts in the event.

Learn more about creating Launchpad Events from the Shopify Help Center.

New security feature for collaborator account access

Now you can enable a 4-digit collaborator request code, an added layer of security designed to improve your control over collaborator requests sent by Shopify Partners. When enabled, only partners that you have shared your code with will be able to request access to your store.

Learn how to enable collaborator request codes

New updates to the online store speed report

We’ve introduced the ability to track your speed score over time through the Online store speed report. Optimizing your online store speed can improve the shopping experience for customers, make your store more discoverable, and increase conversion.

We've also added visibility into when apps are installed and uninstalled to help you troubleshoot speed score changes. Many factors can influence your online store speed, but the speed report will help you determine what those factors may be.

Learn more about the changes to the report from the Shopify Help Center, or check out the new Compass Tutorial on Optimizing Store Speed.

Shopify Plus extended authorization periods for Shopify Payments

With extended authorization periods for Shopify Payments, you now have more time to fulfill orders and manually capture credit card payments—from 7 days to up to 30 days for some payment types. This provides added flexibility when inventory delays and logistical issues occur due to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 or the upcoming holiday rush.

Learn more about extended authorization periods in the Shopify Help Center.

This feature is only available on the Shopify Plus plan.

Design updates in Shopify

You may notice some changes to the look and feel of your Shopify admin, including updated colors, simplified illustrations, and a cleaner design. These improvements were inspired by feedback from merchants, and they appear across all store admins, including Plus stores.

The goal with these updates was to make the powerful tools and features across Shopify feel more approachable and accessible for everyone to use.

Shop package tracking is now available for UK stores

Starting October 15, UK merchants can enable customers to opt in to track orders on iOS and Android devices through the Shop app, by making the opt-in available on the order status page.

Learn more about enabling the track with Shop feature from the Shopify Help Center.

Country fields in checkout for customers in China, Italy, and South Korea

Customers in China, Italy, and South Korea will now see an additional field in the checkout to collect required info for customs, shipping labels, or invoices. This means that you can collect the required customer information specific to these regions without using customizations in your online store. For example, customers in China can now enter their Resident ID number at checkout.

Learn more about country-specific fields at checkout from the Shopify Help Center.

Additional options when canceling orders with Shopify Flow!

We’ve added additional options when using the cancel order action in Shopify Flow!

You can now choose to refund items, refund shipping charges, restock items, and send a canceled order email notification to the customer when a cancelation is made in Shopify Flow.

Learn more about canceling orders with Shopify Flow in the Shopify Help Center.

Upgrades to the theme editor

We’ve made setting up and customizing your store faster and more intuitive.
The theme editor now includes updated editing workflows, an optimized mobile editing experience, and improved theme loading times to help you make the changes you need faster. You’ll see the improvements to your theme editor start to roll out from the end of September through to the end of October 2020 .

Learn more about using the theme editor from the Shopify Help Center.

Improvements to product camera on mobile

We’ve just released an improved product camera for Shopify Mobile. The latest enhancements allow you to do the following:

  • Consistently take product photos at the right aspect ratio for your online store.
  • Display grid lines to perfectly center the product in the frame.
  • Quickly review all the photos in the drawer to make sure they display nicely together.
  • Take short product videos using video mode.

To learn more, refer to our documentation in the Help Center.

Shopify Payments available in Belgium

Shopify Payments is now available for merchants in Belgium!

Accept credit cards, Bancontact, and iDEAL on your store through Shopify's integrated payments system. Use features like payout and chargeback management and accelerated checkouts such as Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. You can also sell in 133 currencies while getting paid in Euros.

Custom store names and identifiers in Shopify Plus organization admin

You can now customize the internal store name and identifier for each store in your Shopify Plus organization admin navigation, making it easier—and faster—for your team to identify which stores are which.

Learn more about Store Identification in the Shopify Help Center.

New triggers in Shopify Flow!

We’ve added more triggers to Shopify Flow to help you automate and get more done. With Flow you can now use the following events to trigger a workflow:

  • Customer enabled or disabled
  • Collection created or deleted
  • Fulfillment event created
  • Product variant deleted

Learn more about Shopify Flow triggers in the Shopify Help Center.

Make more informed inventory decisions with ABC analysis

We’ve added a new inventory report to Shopify - ABC analysis by product. This report can be used to identify your best and worst performing inventory over the past 28 days.

A grade is your best performing inventory and represents the specific inventory that accounts for 80% of your revenue.

B grade is your middle of the road inventory and represents the specific inventory that accounts for the next 15% of your revenue.

C grade identifies your worst performing inventory and represents the specific inventory that accounts for the remaining 5% of your revenue.

This analysis is designed to help you optimize your investment in inventory by understanding which products to purchase and which products to avoid. With ABC analysis, you can continuously monitor the value of your stock, so you can make better decisions about your inventory.

The ABC analysis by product report is available to all merchants on the Shopify plan or above.

Learn more about the ABC analysis by product report from the Shopify Help Center.

Update to the rich text editor

We've made improvements to the rich text editor for Blogs posts, Pages, Products and Collections. You can now manually add RGB/HEX codes into the rich text editor with the new color picker, making it easier to precisely match text and background color to your brand and style.

Learn more about using the rich text editor from the Shopify Help Center.

Added security and time savings with SCIM in the Plus Admin

If you’ve previously connected Shopify with an identity provider to securely authenticate your users, you can take this integration a step further with SCIM to seamlessly manage the addition and removal of users across your Shopify Plus organization.

Learn more about setting up SCIM in the Shopify Help Center.

Apply discounts to newly added items when editing orders

Improve your customer experience by applying fixed or percentage discounts, to items that are added when you're editing an order. Increase your store’s average order value and improve customer retention by offering discounted item upgrades, complementary products, or free gifts added a customer's existing order.

Learn more about adding discounts in order editing from the Shopify Help Center.

Improved event monitoring in Launchpad

All scheduled and new events in Launchpad will come with a brand new status panel. The status panel brings visibility into the execution of tasks during an event. You can monitor each phase of an event(starting, active, and completed) in one place, and get detailed information for each change to identify if a failure occurs so adjustments can be made.

Learn more about Launchpad event monitoring in the Help Center.

Choose the time period for viewing sales reports

Custom date ranges are now available from the Overview page of the Shopify Plus Admin.

Now, you can display combined sales for all stores in your organization over a custom time period. Previously, the time periods were fixed to a preset number of options. Keep in mind when you have stores in different time zones within your organization that sales are shown in the time zone for each store.

Learn more about the Shopify Plus Admin from the Shopify Help Center.

Enhancement to sitemaps for international selling

Shopify now generates sitemaps that contain all published languages, as well as generating sitemaps for all domains when using the international domains feature. This change helps Shopify stores to be indexed more accurately in regional search when selling into international markets.

Prior to today, Shopify only generated a sitemap for a store's primary domain and language. There is no action required, however:
- Merchants can opt to resubmit their sitemaps, if they are selling in multiple languages
- Merchants using international domains can submit sitemaps for all of their domains now, not just their primary.

Learn more about selling in multiple languages or using international domains.

Share checkout links from your mobile app

You can now create and share checkout links for draft orders through SMS or any messenger app on your mobile device. To create a checkout link, go to draft orders on the Shopify Mobile app and click share draft order.

Whether you are selling products or offering support to customers through direct message, sharing a checkout link from mobile will offer a more personalized shopping experience for your buyers, while also making it easier for you to collect payments.

Learn more about sharing checkout links on mobile.

Request Fulfillment on an Order through Shopify Flow

Using Shopify Flow, you can now use the action Request Fulfillment to send a notification to your fulfillment service. This will begin the fulfillment process, as determined by your fulfillment service.

Fulfillment services are set on each product. Please ensure you have the correct fulfillment settings on your products before using this action.

This action is available to any trigger that has the order resource available. eg Order Created

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

Use dynamic URL’s and headers in Shopify Flow’s Send HTTP Request action.

You can now dynamically change the URL or header fields in Shopify Flow’s Send HTTP request action by using template variables.

For example, to change the URL’s path based on an ID, you could write the URL like so:{{}}. There are no restrictions on where to put template variables in the action’s headers. You can also add template variables to both the header values and keys.

Here is an example configuration

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

The Shopify Theme store is available in 20 languages

The Shopify Theme Store is now available in the following languages:

  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

You can select a language from the locale picker in the footer of the Theme store.

Set up manager approvals for more control over new POS permissions ✅

Manager approvals for new staff permissions bring another level of oversight to Shopify POS, giving you even more control over the actions that staff members can access and perform.

In addition to Allowed or Denied, new POS Permissions come with a third access level: Approval required, which means that a staff member’s ability to perform an action requires explicit approval from another member of staff.

Manager approval is available for the following permissions:
* Apply discount
* Ship to customer
* Edit taxes
* Add custom sales
* Refund and exchange orders

See a full list of POS permissions and learn more about setting up manager approvals for your store in the Shopify Help Center.

Simplified EU/UK tax registrations

Keeping your tax rates up to date and knowing how much VAT to charge on sales in different EU countries and the UK can be time consuming, so we've streamlined the experience to make it faster and easier.

In your taxes settings, when you provide the information about where you're registered in the EU or UK, Shopify automatically sets the tax rates that apply in the areas you've registered for - no more manually updating rates, no more deciding what rates to set based on your sales tax liability!

Learn more about setting up EU taxes using the new feature from the Shopify Help Center.

Product recommendations in Shopify POS

Product recommendations in Shopify POS enable you to leverage online insights to drive consistency, confidence, and conversion in your offline selling.

Data-backed, just-in-time product recommendations on the POS home screen, individual product pages, and customer profiles create cross-sell and upsell opportunities that make it easy for staff to personalize buyer experiences and make smarter recommendations that are guaranteed to increase cart sizes and sales — wherever your customers choose to shop.

Product recommendations are available as a POS extension through select Shopify app partners. Learn more about setting up product recommendations in POS in the Shopify Help Center.

Expand globally with International Domains

Merchants can now add and assign individual domains to a country to offer an improved localized buying experience for international buyers. When buyers land on the country domain, they will automatically see the store in their local currency and language.

International domains rely on merchants selling in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments, and translation via compatible 3rd party translations app. This feature is available to merchants on the Shopify, Advanced, and Plus plans.

Learn more about international domains from the Shopify Help Center.

Added `Order Cancelled` trigger to Shopify Flow

A new trigger has been added to Shopify Flow.

You can use the trigger Order Cancelled to create workflows that will be started when you cancel an order.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

Automated Order Lookup in Shopify Chat

We've just released an automated flow for customers to get the status of their recent orders using Shopify Chat on your online store. 🚀

This new feature allows customers to provide their order number and email address and receive an automated response that includes the fulfillment status of their order, and a tracking link or order status link.

In Ping you will see these conversations as automated messages in your inbox, and you will be notified if the customer sends a follow-up message and needs further assistance.

This feature is enabled for all users of Shopify Chat.

Learn more about automated order lookup in the Shopify Help Center.

Add `is any of` and `is not any of` to more field types in Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow now includes the operator is any of and is not any of to more field types!

You can now use the operator on ENUM and Number fields such as orders's currencyCode or customer's orderCount.

To use the operator, add commas between the values that you want to compare against. For example, you could enter CA,US to check whether an order's currencyCode is either Canada or USA.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

Three new delete triggers for Shopify Flow

Three new triggers have been added to Shopify Flow:
order deleted, customer deleted, and product deleted.

You can trigger a workflow using one of these three triggers by deleting an order, customer or product.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

A more local address form experience in checkout 🏠

To help you capture accurate shipping addresses with the details needed to fulfill orders successfully and build trust with your buyers by meeting their local expectations, we've made improvements to the address form experience in checkout.

The following changes are included:

  • localized address form labels for Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Mexico
  • re-ordered zip code fields for Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, and Sweden
  • a prompt to add a house number if missed for Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, and Mexico

Now your customers will enjoy a more familiar checkout, no matter where they're located.

Country Fields in Checkout (Brazil)

Shopify now supports the ability for Brazilian Merchants to collect CPF/CNPJ information at checkout using built in functionality.

This ensure that merchants are able to collect country specific information from buyers in countries where this additional information is a requirement (e.g. Brazilian tax IDs from Brazilian buyers).

Learn more about country fields in the Shopify Help Center.

Create and manage user roles in the Plus admin

Save hours of administrative time with Users Roles in the Plus Admin. Efficiently and securely manage staff by creating consistent permissions and access for specific roles within your organization.

This is exclusive to Shopify Plus merchants with access to user management in the Plus Admin.

Learn more about setting Roles for user permissions in the Shopify Help Center.

Important changes to new development stores

Starting on August 17, 2020, all newly created development stores will be password protected. Moving forward, Partners will not be able to disable the password page unless they transfer the store to a merchant or select a plan. This means that visitors to development stores will need to enter a password to view the store.

App and theme developers can still use development stores for App and Theme Store listings. You don't need to change any settings on the store to enable this functionality.

Existing development stores are not impacted.

This update ensures the best experience of Shopify for merchants, buyers and our Partners. Learn more about password-protected development stores in the Shopify Help Center.

Monitor workflows in Shopify Flow with search and filtering options

Monitoring workflow runs in Shopify Flow now provides search and filter options giving you a clearer picture of your automated tasks.

On the Workflow summary page in Flow the Recent activity and Recent results cards have been replaced by a single Workflow runs card which has granular filtering options and search capabilities.

You can now search by run ID as well as filter by date and status (In progress, Succeeded with actions, Succeeded without actions, and Failed).

Learn more about monitoring workflows from the Shopify Help Center.

Offer local delivery at checkout with optimized delivery routes 🚚

Delivering your products locally is a powerful way to connect with your community through thoughtful shopping experiences and to help generate sales and revenue. That’s why we built tools to help you manage your entire local delivery flow from checkout through to a delivered order.

  • Set up local delivery at checkout. You can define your delivery prices, set delivery zones, and set a minimum order that qualifies for local delivery.

  • Install the Shopify Local Delivery app to create optimized delivery routes and share them with drivers. Give drivers the ability to access directions, send notifications, and update delivery statuses while you manage deliveries in real-time.

  • You and your delivery staff can download the Shopify Local Delivery mobile app on iOS or Android to connect drivers to optimized routes and get orders to customers faster.

Learn more about Local Delivery from the Shopify Help Center.

Find out how fast your store is with a new Online store speed report

Online store speed is an important factor in your search ranking, providing your customers the shopping experience they expect, and increasing your conversion rate - but it can be hard to make time to do the analysis and understand how your store speed stacks up.

The new Online store speed report runs speed tests for your home page and highest-traffic collection and product pages, and then combines each page’s Google Lighthouse speed score into one speed score. You’ll also get a comparison of how your store’s speed compares to similar online stores.

The Online store speed report will roll out to all merchants over the coming weeks. Learn more about your online store speed and how to make informed decisions with speed in mind from the Shopify Help Center.

Manual exchange rates for Shopify Payments

Merchants can now set manual exchange rates for international currencies with Shopify Payments. Products will now have stable prices in other currencies which do not change with market exchange rates. Similar to automatic exchange rates, merchants can continue to round their prices up for a consistent pricing presentation.

Manual exchange rates is now available to merchants on the Shopify, Advanced, and Plus plans.

Learn more about manual exchange rates from the Shopify Help Center.

ReCAPTCHA v3 on Online Store built-in contact forms & blog comments

Google’s reCAPTCHA v3 has been added to online store contact forms and blog comments to reduce incoming spam. reCAPTCHA v3 analyzes visitor behavior to block spam from bots, and reduces friction for real users by eliminating CAPTCHA challenges. This feature is enabled by on all stores by default, but can be disabled in your online store preferences.

Learn more about reCAPTCHA v3 in the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Payments now supports more payment methods

Shopify Payments in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands now include local payment methods iDEAL and Bancontact; popular in the Netherlands and Belgium.

With local payment methods through Shopify Payments, you can maximize conversion by offering customers their preferred option during checkout. Even more, we dynamically position relevant local payment options most likely to improve conversion. For example, buyers from the Netherlands will see iDEAL at the top of the payment options, rather than having to look for it further down the checkout page.

Merchants can take advantage of these payment methods confirming they are enabed by navigating to Payment Settings in our Admin Settings page.

Learn more about local payment methods from the Shopify Help Centre.

🚢 Shipping Tax Options for US States

🇺🇸 New options for shipping taxes will let merchants selling in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, or Maryland choose whether or not to tax shipping. We've added this because you've let us know you need more flexibility on whether or not you charge taxes on your shipping, based on your business.

The default option will be automatic, which means Shopify will intelligently choose whether or not to tax your shipping based on your shop settings. The new "on" or "off" functions will allow you more fine-grained control over your tax settings.

Learn more about shipping tax options from the Shopify Help Center.

SMS Support in Shopify Chat

Today we released SMS support in Shopify Chat. If you're using Shopify Chat for live chat on your online store, then customers now have the option to receive a response through SMS instead of waiting for a response in the chat. This way, you can respond to a question even after the customer has left your online store.

SMS support is available for use with customer phone numbers in the United States and Canada. There is no cost to sellers, but messaging and data rates might apply for the customer receiving the SMS message.

Learn more about SMS support in Shopify Chat from the Shopify Help Center.

Product performance insights on the product page

We've made it easier to gain insight into your products' performance. You can now understand how an individual product has been selling over time, what type of customers are buying it, and where traffic is coming from - directly from the product detail page!

Learn more about Product analytics from the Shopify Help Center.

Changes to Instagram feed in Theme Editor

Because Instagram has discontinued its legacy API, if you entered an Instagram access token to the Instagram feed section in the Theme Editor, then the Instagram feed no longer displays images. You can use a third party app to add an Instagram feed to your online store.

We recommend that you remove the Instagram feed from the Theme Editor to prevent display issues in your online store.

This doesn't impact sales channels like the Instagram channel. Instagram feeds installed by third party apps might not be impacted.

Learn how to remove the Instagram feed from the Theme Editor from the Shopify Help Center.

Integrate your identity provider with Shopify in the Plus admin

You can now integrate existing identity providers, enforcing secure authentication on Shopify for users across your entire business. First-party integrations are available for Okta and Azure Active Directory.

This is exclusive to Shopify Plus merchants.

Learn more about SAML integrations in the Shopify Help Center.

Create or edit customers from the gift card issue page

We've just released the ability to create or edit customers from the gift card issue page for all merchants. This will help you save time by creating customers and gift cards in the same place. For example, if your customer says that they accidentally gave you the wrong email address, then you can easily edit the customer's address and resend the gift card.

Learn more about creating or editing customers from the gift card issue page from the Shopify Help Center.

The Google Shopping app is now the Google channel

The Google Shopping app has a new name and a new home base, but the same great features! Find the Google channel in the Sales channels menu of your Shopify admin.

Learn more about Shopify's Google channel from the Shopify Help Center.

Early access for Shopify Ping on Android 🔔

We've released the Android version of Shopify Ping. Ping is a free messaging app that lets merchants chat to customers in real time as they shop. Previously only available on iOS, with this release we have made Ping available to all of Shopify's eligible merchants.

Shopify Ping works with Shopify Chat, Apple Business Chat, and Facebook Messenger. You can save time by managing all of your communications and customer service in one place. This gives your customers a better buying experience and makes it easier for you to make sales and build strong customer relationships.

Learn more about Shopify Ping from the Shopify Help Center.

Introducing Storefront Signage Maker

Let your customers know where they can shop online with a retail storefront sign. The storefront signage maker is an easy way to share with your customers that you are open, available for curbside pickup, delivery, online and more. Choose from a variety of templates and customize it with a personal message.

Create a sign for your storefront today.

Improvements to shipping pages

We've made it easier to use the Shipping profiles page in the Shopify admin with the following updates:
* View your rates separately from carrier and app rates in the rate display table.
* Sort the shipping profile list by carrier name and rate name.
* Load more items on the page so that you can view them all at once.

We've also changed the name of the shipping settings page to Shipping and delivery to reflect additional order delivery methods, including Local delivery.

Learn more about Shipping profiles from the Shopify Help Center.

The new Shopify Plus admin

The new Shopify Plus admin will be released in phases over the next month to all Shopify Plus merchants. The new admin includes four new features, and an improved navigation for your entire organization.

Please note these features are only available to users with Organization access.

  • Overview Ensure your business is running as expected. View and compare your live performance of key business metrics across multiple time periods for all stores in your organization.
  • User Management. Trust the right users with the right tasks. Manage staff across all stores in your organization from one central location.
  • Store Creation. Turn an idea into a new store in 10 seconds. Experiment with new strategies and development environments by creating new stores and copying existing users and pre-installed first party apps from current stores.
  • Organization-level Flow. Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks in your business. Build and manage Shopify Flow workflows from one central location and then share them with any store in your organization.

Light mode for Shopify POS

You can now switch to the Shopify POS display mode that best suits the environment you sell in.

Go to Settings to choose light mode or dark mode, or just match to your device’s display settings.

Learn more about Shopify POS from the Shopify Help Center.

Tag workflows in Shopify Flow

You can now add tags to workflows in Shopify Flow from the workflow summary page.

Use tags to organize workflows and improve the filtering of the workflows list.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Mobile iOS 9 support deprecation

As of today, software updates for Shopify Mobile, including new features and bug fixes, will be available only on Apple devices using iOS version 10 or higher.

We want to ensure that you have the best experience using Shopify Mobile including app reliability and access to new features. If possible, update your device to iOS 10 or greater.

Learn how to update your device from Apple support.

Two new operators in Shopify Flow

Two new operators are available for string-based conditions in Shopify Flow:

  • is any of
  • is not any of

If the field that you want to create a condition on is a string, such as order.billingAddress.firstName, then you can check if it's equal (or not equal) to a comma-separated list of strings.

For example:
If you create a condition such as order.billingAddress.firstName is any of "Bob,Michal,mary", the condition branch would go to yes if the order's billing address first name was either Bob, Michal or Mary (case insensitive).

Similarily, is not any of is the negation of is any of. For the example above but using the is not any of operator, if the order's billing address first name was Victoria, then the yes branch would execute.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

Local delivery is now available

You can now set up an option for local customers to have their orders delivered. You can choose to have you or your staff deliver orders, or use a third-party delivery service. You can offer delivery within a set distance from your location, or for certain postal codes.

Local deliveries can be fulfilled in the Shopify Admin, using the Shopify POS, and on the Shopify mobile app. Local delivery is compatible with Shop Pay.

Learn more about local delivery in the Shopify Help Center:

Introducing Express, a theme built for your food and beverage business

Express is a free, fast theme that lets businesses take orders online while keeping control of their customers, profits, and brand.

Express includes the following features:

  • A home page layout perfect for one-page stores with minimal content.
  • A menu-inspired design that lets customers focus on ordering, rather than product discovery.
  • A collapsible cart drawer and product modals that make it easy for your customers to build an order.

Express is available in the theme store.

Learn more about Express in the Shopify Help Center.

Introducing tipping options for online orders

Tipping can now be enabled for your online checkout in one click. When tipping is enabled, your customer can choose the option to tip based on a percentage of their total order or a custom amount.

Previously only available through Shopify POS, tipping options for online orders make it easy for customers to show their support for the stores they love.

Learn more about online tipping from the Shopify Help Center.

Tap & Chip Reader with Interac Flash now available in Canada

The Tap & Chip Reader is now available to Canadian sellers! The Retail Kit and Tap & Chip Case are also available.

The Tap & Chip Reader accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and for the first time ever - contactless Interac Flash transactions. Transaction fees apply. With the Tap & Chip Reader and Retail Kit, Canadian sellers can use the all-new Shopify POS, integrated payments, and award-winning hardware.

Learn more about the Tap & Chip Reader from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Shipping available in Australia 🇦🇺

Merchants in Australia can now purchase discounted shipping labels from Sendle directly through Shopify.

Get up to 33% off Sendle costs, free parcel pickups, and $300 of cover against loss on every shipment. There are no additional subscription fees and no special equipment is required.

You create a shipping label from an order page, choose a parcel collection method, and print your discounted label from a desktop printer. Customs forms for international orders and parcel tracking are also built-in.

Even better: Every Sendle shipment is 100% carbon-neutral.

Learn more about Shopify Shipping in Australia from the Shopify Help Center.

Fulfill products more efficiently with the redesigned Orders list

To get orders out the door quickly, you need the right information at your fingertips.

The Orders list page helps you prioritize fulfillment workflows more effectively by providing relevant information at-a-glance. This includes customer details, order items, delivery method, order notes, and tags.

Learn more about searching for and filtering orders from the Shopify Help Center.

Share a gift card for local customers on Facebook

To help retail stores during COVID-19, Facebook is promoting gift cards from retail stores to local customers.

Gift card listings appear on Facebook mobile for customers located within 5 miles of your retail store. Customers can click the listing to buy a gift card from your online store.

Learn more about [sharing gift cards on Facebook]( from the Shopify Help Center.

Change in tax override behaviour

Update: We're changing the way tax overrides work with smart collections.

Previously, you could create tax overrides with smart collections. Now these will be restricted to manual collections. We're doing this because we want to make sure there are no unexpected surprises with your tax settings.

Learn more about tax overrides from the Shopify Help Center.

Collaborate with your team on product pages

Remote collaboration is more important than ever before. Page activity is a new feature that gives you the ability to see who else is working on the same product as you. Avoid losing work; if someone is editing or saving changes to a product page, then anyone else viewing that page will be notified.

This feature is only available to stores on a Plus plan. Learn more about page activity from the Shopify Help Center.

Inventory reports now include costs

Inventory can be one of the biggest expenses for a business. To help you keep track of this expense, view product costs for the Month-end inventory snapshot in your Shopify reports. See the total value of the inventory that you have on a monthly basis to use for your business accounting.

Learn more about inventory reports from the Shopify Help Center.

Add an image to variants on mobile

It's faster and more convenient to add an image to a variant! You can now add an image to an existing variant from the Shopify mobile app.

Learn more about adding images to variants from the Shopify Help Center.

New Terms of Service for gift cards

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in and use our Gift Card Services, made available to you based on our terms of service.

Read the full gift card terms of service.

All-new Shopify POS is now available for iOS

Shopify POS has been rebuilt and redesigned.

Explore new features like local pickup, ship to home, daily sales analytics, staff permissions, and more. If you're already using Shopify POS, then you can upgrade from the Store tab in the Shopify POS app. You can switch back at any time.

Learn more about the all-new Shopify POS from the Shopify Help Center.

Local pickup for orders

Local pickup is now available to all stores with fewer than 20 locations.

Offer local pickup during checkout as an alternative to shipping. You can fulfill orders that use local pickup from Shopify, the Shopify mobile app, or Shopify POS.

Learn more about local pickup from the Shopify Help Center.

Event duplication for Launchpad

Now Shopify Plus stores that have Launchpad installed can duplicate an existing event with a single click.

Event duplication makes it easier to create similar events and then edit details so you don't have to set up everything from scratch.

Learn more about Launchpad from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Payments available in Austria

Shopify Payments is now available for merchants in Austria!

Accept credit cards, Klarna payments, and eps überweisung on your store through Shopify's integrated payments system. Use features like payout and chargeback management and accelerated checkouts such as Apple Pay and Shop Pay. You can also sell in 133 currencies while getting paid in Euros.

Learn more about Shopify Payments from the Shopify Help Center.

Arrive is now Shop!

Shopify's delivery tracking app has a new name and an improved set of features. Now known as Shop, the app is an online shopping assistant helping customers and merchants alike.

Today, Shop goes beyond tracking to help customers shop better. It helps shoppers find and support local businesses, makes browsing recommendations and deals from your store easy, and provides seamless checkout across Shopify with Shop Pay. The best part? It's free.

There is no action required for stores that already have the Arrive opt-in enabled on the order status page.

Learn more about how Shop can drive customer traffic back to your store from the Shopify Help Center.

Have more control when you duplicate products

In addition to having the option to copy images when you duplicate products, you also now have the option to copy SKUs, barcodes, and inventory quantities.

You can also hide the duplicated product on all channels and apps when you create it. This gives you a chance to edit the product details before it's live in your store!

Learn more about duplicating products from the Shopify Help Center.

Eligible stores can now list their products for free on the Google Shopping tab

Products synced to Google Merchant Center using Shopify's Google Shopping app can appear in relevant Google Shopping tab search results for free. This feature is available to eligible stores selling in the United States and Google is planning for global availability by the end of 2020.

Learn more about free listings on the Google Shopping tab at the Shopify Help Center.

Mark orders as fulfilled with Japanese carriers in Japan 🇯🇵

Save time fulfilling orders! If you are a seller in Japan, you can now mark orders as fulfilled with the following Japanese carriers from the order fulfillment page:

  • Ecohai
  • Meitetsu Transportation
  • Daiichi Freight System
  • Seino Super Express

Orders automatically include the correct tracking URL, so you don't need to find and enter the tracking URL every time an order is fulfilled.

Learn more about adding a tracking number while fulfilling an order from the Shopify Help Center.

Now it's easier to sort and filter your list of gift cards

Gift cards can now be sorted by creation date, customer, gift code, balance, and expiration date. New filters include the method used to create the gift card and an expiration date range.

Learn more about managing gift cards from the Shopify Help Center.

Changes to your Marketing overview 📣

Your Marketing overview now uses industry standard language to describe marketing campaign creation in a familiar way. Click Create campaign to create activities like Facebook ads for a set time frame.

As a result, marketing automations like Google Smart Shopping campaigns can now be created and managed from the Automations page.

These changes appear in Shopify, and will be updated in the Shopify mobile app on Monday April 27.

Learn more about setting up marketing in Shopify from the Shopify Help Center.

Offset your store's shipping emissions with Offset (by Shopify)!

We released Offset (by Shopify) in the Shopify App Store on Earth Day, April 22, for all Shopify stores. Offset (by Shopify) calculates the cost to neutralize your shipping emissions that contribute to climate change.

Every month, Offset calculates the total emissions generated by shipped orders and your monthly cost to offset the emissions. The cost is low, and your payments go towards forest protection initiatives. Charges appear on your monthly Shopify bill, and you can opt out at any time.

Learn more about Offset (by Shopify) from the Shopify Help Center.

Upload an image for sharing your online store

You can now upload an image to use when you share a link on social media in your online store preferences. The image you upload to your online store preferences is used on the social media platform when no other image can be found within your theme.

Learn more about uploading an image when sharing your online store from the Shopify Help Center.

Simple, clear, and accurate US sales tax setup

Collecting sales taxes in the United States 🇺🇸 has gotten easier. Tell Shopify where you’re registered for sales taxes, and Shopify automatically determines the tax to collect on orders.

The following details apply to this update:
- Rounding on orders is now at the line level.
- Adding a location no longer automatically turns on tax collection for the state where the location is located.
- Tax overrides are applicable at a state level only, allowing you to easily exempt products that shouldn’t be taxed.
- Add registrations for states where you don’t have a location but where you have an economic nexus.
- Select between destination and hybrid origin sales tax in California.

This feature is available to most merchants selling within the United States. Learn more about US Tax Registrations from the Shopify Help Center.

Billing payment methods redesign

Manage your payment methods from one central place in a redesigned list of billing payment methods. In addition to a more streamlined design, your primary method of payment now has a Primary indicator, unless you're using Pay with Balance.

Learn more about updating your billing information from the Shopify Help Center.

New filtering options are available from the Products page

Searching your products is easier with the following new and improved filter options:

  • Click the new Sort button to rearrange the order of your products.
  • Access popular filters, like Availability and Product vendor, from the Products page with one click.
  • Use new sorting options to sort by product creation date and sort by the last time a product was updated.

Learn more about filtering products from the Shopify Help Center.

Product filtering and saved searches now available on mobile

Filter your products from the Shopify app for iOS and Android to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can now also access the saved searches that you create in Shopify from the Shopify app.

Learn more about filtering products from the Shopify Help Center.

New and improved Customers page

Use new filters on the Customers page to quickly find the customer records that you're looking for.

Sort customers based on the date that they were added to your store, filter by account status, and view a customer count that reflects the number of customers that meet filter criteria.

Learn more about sorting and filtering your customer list from the Shopify Help Center

Now it's faster to complete some actions on orders

When you're using a bulk action to make changes to several orders at once, you can do more with fewer clicks. You can access the following popular actions by clicking dedicated buttons directly from the orders list:

  • create shipping labels
  • capture payments
  • fulfill labels

Learn more about managing orders from the Shopify Help Center.

Video & 3D product media

In addition to images, videos and 3D models can now be added to products on the product details page. Support for these media types opens up new opportunities for you to show off your products in your online store: in action with a video, from every angle with a 3D model, and at real-world scale on iOS and Android devices using augmented reality (AR).

You need to update your online store theme to display videos and 3D models correctly to customers. Learn more about updating your theme from the Shopify developer site.

Learn more about using Video & 3D for Products from the Shopify Help Center.