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Marketing automations in Shopify

Organize, manage and measure your marketing efforts more easily in Shopify with new sections in Shopify Marketing:

  • Overview - View a summary of all your marketing efforts and performance metrics.
  • Campaigns -Create a marketing campaign, and group marketing activities together to work toward a specific objective. Campaigns are published within a set timeframe, so they're best for specific goals or events, for example advertising for a promotion or a season.
  • Automations - Create marketing automations including Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. Automations are best for building a customer base and improving online store traffic on an ongoing basis. You can use automations to capture new store visitors, improve online store conversions, and market to existing store visitors.

As a part of this update, you can now measure the performance of Shopify's abandoned checkout service from the Automations page. The report contains attributed sessions and sales metrics.

Learn more about Marketing in Shopify from the Shopify Help Center, or install apps that work with Shopify Marketing from the Shopify App store.

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